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Endangered Species

6 volunteering bucket list trips for 2020!

Have you always wanted to visit Africa, but know that a traditional safari just isn’t for you? Do you want to get more involved and leave your mark, as well as have incredible wildlife sitings and meet the inspirational people working tirelessly to protect Africa’s iconic wildlife? If so, our volunteer programmes will show Africa …

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Humpback Whale Research blog

Whale research volunteer, Len, talks about his incredible experience in Mozambique

From July to September hundreds of humpback whales migrate into the warm waters off the coast of Mozambique. Our Humpback Whale Research project studies these whales, identifying movement patterns and making photo ID’s of individual whales. Read about Len’s time on the project.

Learn about our volunteer programmes that contribute to rhino conservation

Rhino poaching in Africa has reached crisis point, and across the globe, rhino habitats are shrinking. Once found in abundant numbers across Asia and Africa, today three of the five remaining species of rhino are Critically Endangered, facing a high chance of extinction in the not distant future.

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