Rhino & Elephant Conservation Volunteering

Work With Endangered Animals in Zimbabwe


1 - 8 weeks

Every Thursday

Max 12 people

Age 17+

From $630


1 - 8 weeks

Every Thursday


Max 12 people

Max 12

Age 17+

From $630

What’s the rhino & elephant project about?

When you join the rhino & elephant project at Imire Rhino & Wildlife Conservation in Zimbabwe, you’re making life better for these amazing animals and the human communities they share their environment with.

Your project is dedicated to the conservation of African wildlife, with a focus on the endangered black rhino, elephant, and cheetah.

The project’s mission is to ensure is to ensure the long term future of Africa’s natural heritage, using a three-pronged approach to conservation

  • Wildlife protection
  • Positive community involvement
  • Responsible tourism.

Sounds good? Read on for more info on this life-changing opportunity!

Ranger standing guard over two white rhino in Zimbabwe
Girl holding camera standing watching two white rhino

How will I be helping out?

When you join the rhino & elephant project at Imire, you become part of a dedicated, passionate volunteering family.

This unique wildlife conservation volunteer programme combines rhino and elephant conservation work with community empowerment and education projects, conservancy management and wildlife research, focusing on the project’s two re-wilded cheetah.

It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to volunteer with rhinos and play an important role in the daily activities involved in the operation of a wildlife conservancy.

Whether you’re hammering in nails or tracking rhino calves, you’re contributing to something very special.

Is this an ethical volunteer project?

It is indeed.

Private conservancies like Imire are vital in helping endangered species survive and thrive.

The human-wildlife conflict is probably the biggest issue we face as conservationists.

But you can make a difference. By volunteering at Imire you’ve got a hands-on role protecting threatened wildlife and you’re contributing to a conservation success story – where communities and conservancies coexist peacefully and productively.

A baby black rhino and mother walking across the bush in Zimbabwe

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Covid-19 - how you can help

Why Wildlife & Communities Need You During Covid-19

There’s no denying that Covid-19 has impacted every community worldwide.

But in Zimbabwe’s rural settlements there’s a much more malignant and menacing enemy: starvation.

The average Zimbabwean tourism worker supports 10 family members with their wages. No tourism means no money and empty bellies. It also means that poaching increases and vulnerable communities are pushed even further into precarious positions where simply surviving is an endless struggle.

By volunteering you’re injecting funds into communities where tourism is their lifeblood and providing practical help when it’s needed most – which is why we’ll welcome you with open arms.

Zimbabwe’s rural communities and delicate ecosystems need people like you. If you can’t travel, but would like to help, please get in touch.

Zimbabwean guide and family

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