Horse Riding & Rhino Conservation



1 - 2 weeks

Every Monday

Up to 4 people

Age 17+

From $1,435


1 - 2 weeks

Every Monday


Up to 4 people

Max 4

Age 17+

From $1,305

What's the project about?

Imire: Rhino & Wildlife Conservation is dedicated to the protection and security of African wildlife, with particular focus on the endangered black rhino. Their vision is to secure the future of Africa’s natural heritage, taking an integrated approach to conservation. This is achieved through the creation of positive relationships between communities and the wildlife they live beside. Your role as a horse riding volunteer is vital to the security of the reserve and its wildlife.

How will I be contributing?

On our horse riding volunteer programme, equine volunteers will experience the best of our Rhino & Elephant Conservation Programme, plus contribute to conservancy management and anti-poaching on horseback. As a horse riding volunteer you will go on game counts, search for lost animals, patrol the boundary and interact closely with iconic wildlife. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to play a vital role in the operation of a rhino conservancy, and become part of a dedicated, passionate conservation family.

What makes this project ethical?

Private conservancies such as Imire, play a vital role in protecting and propagating endangered species. The human-wildlife conflict is possibly the greatest issue currently faced by conservationists. Through volunteering at Imire, you are directly participating in not only the protection of threatened wildlife, but also contributing to a conservation success story – where communities and conservancies peacefully and beneficially co-exist.

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