Responsible travel policy

Our vision is to contribute to a world where people and wildlife thrive together, using the positive influence of travel to contribute to wildlife conservation and cultural exchange. We take a strong stance on what constitutes responsible travel and ethical volunteering whether it be with wildlife, with children, or in communities.


We want travellers and volunteers to make informed and ethical choices when it comes to choosing a responsible African travel experience. You will join a project where you can achieve your personal goals and make a long-lasting, positive impact.

We urge all responsible travellers to do their homework before booking any kind of trip. We pride ourselves on only offering ethical volunteer projects which we can 100% stand behind. Ones we know inside out, that we have investigated thoroughly and experienced ourselves. 

With Conservation Travel Africa, you can be sure you are going to a genuine project, where your presence is truly meaningful.

What makes our projects the ethical choice?

Our commitment to responsible travel:

  • Support partners with clear, long-term conservation goals;
  • Ensure volunteers are aware how their work positively impacts wildlife;
  • Monitor and visit projects to ensure volunteers are undertaking useful and meaningful work;
  • Make travellers aware of appropriate behaviour towards wildlife;
  • Work with projects who educate communities on conservation and environmental principles;
  • Make travellers aware of how they can be environmentally conscious while volunteering.

Our social and cultural responsibilities:

  • Help to build equal partnerships where communities and volunteers work together to achieve their goals;
  • Ensure volunteers work on long-term empowerment and income development projects, not ones which promote dependency;
  • Working to ensure volunteers work with, not instead of, local workers;
  • Encourage the employment and training of local staff and guides at our projects;
  • Using local guides for tours, transfers and community visits;
  • Encouraging projects to use local manufacturers and suppliers.

Our commitment to volunteers:

  • Offering projects which are based on ethical volunteering principles;
  • Ensure we are accurate in our portrayal of our business and our projects;
  • Providing full pre-departure information and opportunities for post-project feedback;
  • Preparing volunteers for cultural norms and advising on behaviour and clothing expectations;
  • Ensure projects conduct a thorough orientation and safety briefing;
  • Ensuring volunteers have access to our office staff before, during and after their programme;
  • Being financially transparent about where and how fees are spent.

Choosing an ethical volunteer project

Our volunteer projects:

Wildlife conservation programmes

Marine conservation programmes



Our mission

Our mission is to connect responsible travellers with wildlife conservation programmes and community projects, to provide life-changing journeys that have a genuine impact.

We are ethical travel Africa experts.

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