Family Volunteer Programmes

Family volunteering

Participating in a family volunteer programme has so many benefits. It’s never too early to teach children about responsible travel, for them to learn about new cultures and appreciate issues facing other communities. Plus its a perfect way for the whole family to experience Africa’s iconic wildlife and have close up animal encounters!

Volunteering is a safe and inclusive way for the whole family to experience incredible destinations. It is a shared experience which brings family groups of all ages closer together. Each of our family volunteer projects have a learning element, which will enable your children to question, grow and develop – planting seeds for their future. Whether you want to witness endangered wildlife, experience life in rural communities or learn to dive together, we have a volunteer project that will get the whole family’s approval!

Our Family Volunteer Projects

Live in the heart of a family-run conservancy in Zimbabwe. Interact with rhinos and elephants, visit rural communities and learn from experienced guides.

From $900

1 - 8 weeks

A very hands-on programme in Namibia where families work on building projects in rural desert communities, plus track and monitor the rare desert-adapted elephant.

From £895

2 weeks

Work with rhinos and elephants on a private family-run conservancy, and join community outreach projects in rural communities outside Victoria Falls.

From $1,195

10 + days

Bring your family on the adventure of a lifetime, as you assist in the rehabilitation and release of wildlife at Zimbabwe’s only dedicated primate rehabilitation centre.

From $935

1 - 8 weeks

Take the kids on a beach holiday with a difference! Learn to dive in a spectacular location, and contribute to research into whale sharks, manta rays and turtles.

From £1,800

2 - 12 weeks

Learn about other cultures as you engage with schoolchildren, teachers and farmers. Get a fresh perspective and appreciate different ways of life.

From $700

1 - 12 weeks

Responsible family volunteering in Africa

Our family volunteer projects are carefully thought out to ensure that your family’s specific interests and age ranges are considered, and that you will be making a genuine contribution to the project’s overall goals. As with all our projects, the priority at our family wildlife volunteer experiences is the welfare of the animals and communities, and that volunteers are actively contributing to ethical conservation initiatives.

On our family community projects, we take to ensure that you and your family will learn directly from community leaders, and that your involvement is of benefit to the people that you will meet. All our community activities support long term projects, which are led by local people.

Volunteering as a family will be something your children never forget and you, as a parent, will not regret.

We are the ethical travel Africa specialists

Why volunteer with your family?

With 85% of Africa’s animals in decline, and only a fraction of many species remaining in the wild, the threats to iconic wildlife are critical. Your children are the conservationists of the future, and enabling them to understand and appreciate the seriousness of the threats to Africa’s wildlife, even at a young age, will have untold benefits.

A unique holiday experience

Volunteering with your family is a safe way to experience Africa in much more depth than a traditional safari. The experience enables families to understand and appreciate the work being done to protect the planet’s wildlife. It allows volunteers to meet the communities working alongside conservationists, and encourages children to appreciate and embrace different cultures and ways of life. Volunteering allows families to contribute more than just financially.

Our vision for family volunteers

Our vision is for an Africa where humans and wildlife can thrive peacefully side by side. The inputs to achieving this vision are threefold: the long term protection and wellbeing of animals, the conservation of ecosystems, and the education and upliftment of communities. Volunteer tourism, when used in a responsible way, has a critical role to play in achieving these goals.

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