Volunteer Programmes for Under 18s

Responsible volunteering for under 18s in Africa

Volunteering abroad is an amazing way for young adults and teens aged 16-17, to learn about global citizenship, and appreciate the importance of cultural exchange and empathy. Our volunteer programmes for under 18s prioritise safety above all, appreciating that volunteers may be travelling away from home for the first time.

High school students and volunteers under the age of 18 are some of our most passionate and enthusiastic volunteers, so if you are looking for a more purposeful first travel adventure, don’t be daunted by considering a volunteer programme in Africa. We have placed younger volunteers in locations including Zimbabwe, Mozambique and South Africa.

Our volunteer projects for under 18 volunteers cover a range of interests and opportunities, and are perfect to develop skills for your CV, make new friends from around the world, and learn about other cultures. The great thing about volunteering is that it enables you to travel and immerse yourself in interesting, off-the-beaten-track places – in an organised and safe way.

Our Volunteer Programmes for Under 18s

Join a unique conservation programme, based on a family-run conservancy dedicated to the long-term protection of the endangered black rhino. Play a vital role in securing the future of these iconic animals and undertake a mixture of conservation work, and community empowerment projects.

From $950

1 - 12 weeks

A unique volunteer programme, combining horse riding safaris, anti-poaching patrols and horseback game counts. Live on a family-run wildlife conservancy, dedicated to the long-term protection of the endangered black rhino. Work on both conservation and community engagement projects.

From $1,305

1 - 2 weeks

Volunteer with baboons and monkeys at Zimbabwe’s only dedicated primate rehabilitation centre. Volunteers are responsible for daily care and feeding, and gain experience in wildlife rescue, animal enrichment and release.

From $875

1 - 12 weeks

Our 6-week nature enthusiast course is ideal for those considering careers in wildlife, environmental science, zoology or biology, r just if you want a more in-depth wildlife experience. Gain a deep understanding and appreciation for Africa’s natural environment.


6 weeks

Join world-class researchers in a spectacular diving location. Contribute to research supporting the conservation of whale sharks, manta rays and turtles.

From £1,099

1 - 12 weeks

Combine rhino conservation with primate rehabilitation in Zimbabwe. Experience life on a private conservancy and work in a sanctuary focused on primate release.

From $1,825

2 - 16 weeks

Responsible under 18 volunteering in Africa​

Our volunteer programmes suited to younger volunteers are carefully thought out to ensure that your safety is paramount, closely followed by ensuring that your work will have a positive impact on the projects goals. Our priority is always that volunteers are actively contributing to ethical conservation initiatives, where the animals are directly benefiting from human involvement.

On our community projects, we take care to ensure that you learn directly from community leaders, and that your involvement is of benefit to the people that you work alongside. All our community activities support long term projects, which are led by local people.

We are the ethical travel Africa experts.

Ethical volunteering for under 18s

With 85% of Africa’s animals in decline, and only a fraction of many species remaining in the wild, the threats to iconic wildlife are critical. Young people are the conservationists of the future – enabling them to see and appreciate the seriousness of the threats to Africa’s wildlife at a young age, will have untold benefits for the planet’s future. Volunteers have the opportunity to engage with their peers of different cultures, sharing experiences and participating in long term projects.

A unique travel experience

Volunteering is a safe way to experience Africa in much more depth than a traditional safari holiday. The experience enables volunteers to understand and appreciate the work being done to protect the planet’s wildlife. It allows students and youth to meet the communities working alongside conservationists, and encourages young adults to appreciate and embrace different cultures and ways of life.

Our vision for youth in conservation

Our vision is for an Africa where humans and wildlife can thrive peacefully side by side. The inputs to achieving this vision are threefold: the long term protection and wellbeing of animals, the conservation of ecosystems, and the education and upliftment of communities. Volunteer tourism, when used in a responsible way, has a critical role to play in achieving these goals, and young adults are the key to this future success.

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