Elephant Conservation & Community Outreach



2 - 12 weeks

Scheduled Mondays

Up to 14 people

Age 18+

From £900


2 - 12 weeks



Up to 14 people

Max 14

Age 18+

From £900

What's the project about?

On this elephant conservation programme you will work to preserve the desert elephant population in Namibia. This is done through anti-conflict measures, monitoring herds and working in communities. In their constant search for water, elephants cause major damage to water systems, leaving villages without vital access to water. The team, including volunteers, assist with building and repair projects in rural areas, and monitor the movements of elephants to identify potential conflict situations.

How will I be contributing?

This is a unique opportunity to volunteer in Namibia, monitor the rare desert-adapted elephant and work with communities to reduce and repair elephant damage. Spend a week working on community building projects, and a week tracking and monitoring herds of endangered desert elephants through Namibia’s most spectacular scenery. Construct and repair water points, identify and track elephants, and help with elephant education programmes. Volunteer involvement is critical to the long-term success of the project.

What makes this project ethical?

Each volunteer contributes plays an enormous role in the conservation of desert elephants in Namibia. Volunteers can immediately see the positive difference their contribution makes to the human-elephant conflict. This elephant conservation programme is real grass roots conservation work, taking a holistic approach by working directly with communities, to ensure that humans and elephants can live peacefully and successfully together.

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