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Family Volunteering with Elephants:
Conservation & Community Service



10 days

Scheduled Mondays

Up to 14 people

Age 8+

From £950


10 days



Up to 14 people

Max 14

Age 8+

From £950

What's the project about?

The project’s goal is to preserve the desert elephant population in Namibia through anti-conflict measures. In their constant search for water, elephants can cause major damage to water systems, leaving communities without vital access to water. The project assist with building and repair projects in rural areas and monitors the movements of elephants to identify potential conflict situations. Family volunteering in Namibia is the perfect socially distanced vacation and is a safe and fun way to experience Namibia’s vast desert landscapes while contributing to an amazing conservation cause.

Family Volunteers at the school

How will I be contributing?

This is a hands-on family volunteer programme. Families spend the first week working on building and school projects within remote rural communities. These are projects set by community leaders and you will see the positive impact of your labours straightaway. Additionally you will have the opportunity to engage with children and villagers, and find out about their daily lives. In your second week you head off into the desert to track and monitor herds of rare desert-adapted elephant. Volunteers will explore Namibia’s most spectacular landscapes and camp under clear starry skies.

What makes this project ethical?

Each volunteer on this project can see the positive difference their contribution makes. This is real grass roots work, taking a holistic approach to conservation, working with communities to ensure that humans and elephants can live peacefully and successfully together. The project enables young children to get involved with long term conservation activities, meet children from other cultures, and understand measures being taken to preserve African wildlife. Your guides are experienced teachers who love to engage with families and share their knowledge.

Family volunteers in Namibia

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