Wildlife Warriors - Anti-Poaching Training


South Africa

10 or 14 days


Up to 8 people

Age 18+

From $2,095

South Africa

10-14 days



Up to 8 people

Max 8

Age 18+

From $2,095

What's the project about?

Poaching of rhino in South Africa has increased 10-fold during the last decade, and the rhino again faces mass extinction. This anti-poaching training course is run by one of South Africa’s most experienced and decorated field guides, and a recognised anti-poaching expert. The course aims to give participants an in-depth understanding of conservation challenges, strategies and ethics. Learn practical anti-poaching techniques and join patrols in one of South Africa’s finest wilderness areas.

What will I be doing?

The programme is 20% theory and 80% practical, so most of your time will be spent in the field, learning first hand about the environment around you. You will cover wildlife identification, animal behaviour and big game tracking skills, plus anti-poaching techniques and procedures and firearms handling. You’ll also learn about the background behind the poaching industry and illegal wildlife trade. Study ecological relationships, wildlife law and bush survival skills.

What makes this project ethical?

By participating in this course, you are directly contributing to the conservation of African wildlife. Learn about the economic and environmental aspects of poaching, and engage in active measures to prevent poachers from targeting wildlife. Your instructor and guide are active participants in the poaching fight in South Africa, and your contribution ensures they are able to continue their work in the battle against the illegal wildlife trade.

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Covid-19 - how you can help

South Africa's rhinos need you

This project directly funds the night feeds of 24 rhinos in the Waterberg region of South Africa, including two babies born in April 2020. As the dry winter months begin, with a number of mothers with calves and one heavily pregnant mother-to-be, the supplementary feed given by the project every day, has become even more critical.

The cost of feeding these rhinos comes to R42,000 ($2,400) a week. Ordinarily, volunteer and guiding fees cover the vast majority of this cost. If you are able to donate to this programme, please let us know.

mother and baby white rhino in south africa

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