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Our volunteer projects in Africa are located in some of the world’s finest destinations. 

Africa is not only the home of iconic and endangered wildlife, it also boasts spectacular landscapes, vibrant sunsets and sweeping plains. A trip to Africa has to be on your volunteer bucket list. A melting pot of cultures, religions and beliefs, the continent is also home to some of the world’s oldest and most precious heritage sites.

Many of our most ancient and recognisable animal species are threatened with extinction. Nowhere is this human-wildlife conflict more evident than in Africa, where threats such as illegal hunting, the exotic pet trade, deforestation and poaching put the lives of countless animals at risk every day.  

With so much work to do, there has never been a better time to volunteer in Africa. Our projects are carefully selected for their ethical credentials, meaning that as a volunteer on any of our programmes, you’ll only ever work with the most responsible wildlife conservation partners, hand-chosen by us. We pride ourselves on having visited each of our programmes, so you can be sure that you are working with reputable and ethical organisations.  

In return for your commitment, you’ll meet like-minded volunteers, work alongside dedicated and experienced conservationists and explore Africa’s most stunning wilderness areas.

We have a range of wildlife volunteer projects including endangered species conservation in South Africawhale shark and marine conservation in Mozambique and primate conservation in Zimbabwe. Whatever your passion, Conservation Travel Africa gives you the opportunity to travel sustainably, volunteer responsibly and immerse yourself in the real Africa. 

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Our Mission

Our mission is to connect responsible travellers, wildlife programmes and community projects to provide life-changing journeys that have a genuine impact.

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Why volunteer in Africa?

All our volunteer projects in Africa contribute to our vision – to preserve vulnerable wildlife through long-term positive impact programs. Work with endangered species to secure their future survival and immerse yourself in Africa’s breathtaking nature and striking wilderness. Wildlife conservation is most effective with community engagement, so you’ll also work alongside communities, experiencing other cultures first-hand and participating in outreach projects.
Why Volunteer in Africa
Who volunteers in Africa

Who volunteers?

Volunteering in Africa is not just for college students. Nowadays, more and more families and mature adventurers are looking for new travel opportunities, where they can experience first-hand the wonders that Africa has to offer and immerse themselves in its unique beauty. Our volunteer projects have something for everyone, and whatever your age, experience or goals, you’ll have the chance to meet like-minded individuals from all walks of life and work together on long-term sustainable projects that make a real difference.

Responsible travel in Africa

Unfortunately, not all volunteer projects in Africa work for the greater good. The project you choose should be attuned to the needs of both the wildlife and the community, and be open and transparent about what you will be doing and the benefits of your activities. Projects to be wary of include organisations who breed big cats in captivity and allow cub interactions, wildlife sanctuaries who do not have documented successful animal releases, and certain orphanage projects.
Male lion walking past a tree in Africa

Featured Projects

Join a unique conservation programme dedicated to the protection of the black rhino. Play a vital role in securing the future of these incredible animals.

From $900

1 - 8 weeks

Support the responsible conservation of big cats, track wild carnivores in a spectacular setting and help mitigate the human-wildlife conflict.

From $1,395

2 - 12 weeks

Gain practical experience in anti-poaching techniques and learn new skills from South Africa’s most experienced conservation professionals.

From $1,695

10 days

Take part in behaviour and habitat enrichment activities, wildlife rehabilitation, orphan care and health checks, at this small sanctuary project in Malawi.

From £1,370

2 - 12 weeks

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