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Responsible volunteering in Africa

If you want to do volunteer work abroad, take a career break or volunteer as part of your gap year – make us a part of your planning! Whether you want a family adventure, are a solo traveller, on a career break or a mature volunteer; if you’ve got a week or six months to volunteer in Africa, we’ve got the perfect volunteer programme for you!

Responsible volunteer tourism has a big part to play in overcoming the human-wildlife conflict in Africa. All our volunteer programmes are run by organisations which have a proven track record of long term environmental or community principles.

With Conservation Travel Africa, you can volunteer with African animals in some of the most incredible locations in the world. Meet inspirational people, like-minded volunteers and passionate conservationists; contribute to carefully selected conservation and community projects, learn about the planet’s most threatened wildlife and explore off-the-beaten-track wilderness areas.

What types of programme we offer:

Our conservation programmes are ideal for animal-lovers passionate about securing the future of vulnerable species. Conservation volunteers in Africa contribute to rhino conservation, elephant monitoring, ocean research, anti-poaching and animal care. There’s nothing like being a wildlife volunteer in Africa, so let the adventure begin!

Marine conservation volunteers combine incredible diving with research into endangered ocean giants, including whale sharks, humpback whales, manta rays and sea turtles. Our marine conservation programmes focus on the long term preservation of Africa’s oceans. Restore marine environments, collect data and work on community livelihood projects.

Long term wildlife conservation can only be successful if local communities are engaged, educated and positive; behaviour change can only be effected if the daily challenges faced by rural communities are alleviated. All our programmes support the generation of alternative livelihood opportunities, plus skills training, healthcare, and education projects. 

Our family volunteer programmes enable children and parents to experience different cultures, witness endangered animals in the wild, meet inspirational people and explore diverse landscapes. More than a traditional holiday, volunteering is an immersive family experience, working together to achieve a common goal, and learning about yourselves and each other along the way.

Volunteering in Africa is a safe and exciting way for young adults to learn about new cultures and environments, experience independent travel and become global citizens. Our volunteer projects suitable for under 18s will enable students to develop new skills, live in local communities and work on conservation projects. Don’t let age be a barrier to your discovery of the world!

Volunteering is not just for gap year students and young adults. Career break travellers, retirees and empty nesters all bring life experiences, unique skills, knowledge and time to share with other volunteers. If you are looking to experience Africa in a different way, or undertake your first solo African adventure, volunteering is definitely something you should consider.

What makes our projects unique?

We have strict policies regarding the wildlife conservation projects we support, and offer a small number of carefully selected programmes, run by organisations who meet our strict ethical volunteer guidelines.

Our volunteers can be sure their contribution is supporting genuine conservation work, being done for the good of Africa’s wildlife.

Our projects were all set up for the benefit of the wildlife and surrounding communities, and have long term environmental and community principles – set up to build economies which place increased value on wildlife and environmental conservation.

Why volunteer with Conservation Travel Africa – our commitment to responsible travel

Featured Projects

Join a unique conservation programme, dedicated to the protection of the black rhino. Play a vital role in securing the future of these iconic animals.

From $900

1 - 8 weeks

Support conservation work to protect endangered species in South Africa. Monitor priority species including lion, leopard, cheetah, rhino and wild dog.

From $1,695

2 - 16 weeks

Gain practical experience in advanced anti-poaching techniques, learning from South Africa’s most experienced conservation professionals.

From $2,095

10 - 14 days

Volunteer in Victoria Falls and support grass-roots community action. Build strong communities through livelihood development and education projects.

From $850

1 - 12 weeks

Why volunteer in Africa?

Volunteers help achieve our vision to preserve Africa’s wildlife heritage through long term positive impact projects. Work with iconic species, knowing you are contributing to their future survival, and immerse yourself in Africa’s wild areas. Wildlife conservation is most effective with community engagement, so volunteers will also work alongside communities, appreciating other cultures and participating in outreach projects.

Who volunteers?

Volunteering is not just for college students. Increasingly, families and mature adventurers are looking for new travel experiences, where they can experience what Africa has to offer and immerse themselves in a new place. Our projects offer something for everyone, where volunteers of all ages will meet like-minded people from all walks of life, working together to positively contribute to long term, sustainable programmes.

Responsible travel in Africa

Not all volunteer projects are good volunteer projects. Your project should clearly address the needs of the wildlife or community and be open and transparent about what you will be doing, and the benefits that volunteers bring. Projects to be wary of include organisations who breed big cats in captivity and allow cub interactions; wildlife sanctuaries who do not have documented successful animal releases; and some orphanage projects.

Our mission

Our mission is to connect responsible travellers with wildlife conservation programmes and community projects, to provide life-changing journeys that have a genuine impact.

We are the ethical travel Africa experts.

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