Marine Conservation Programmes

Marine conservation volunteering

Life on earth is dependent on the oceans, but less than 3% of the world’s water is protected. The Indian Ocean, running down the East African coast, is home to some of the world’s most iconic and vulnerable marine wildlife, and volunteer assistance plays a vital role in their conservation.

Africa is the perfect destination for marine conservation volunteers, boasting hundreds of miles of coastline and a rich and diverse marine ecosystem. In Mozambique, marine volunteers will have the opportunity to closely study the area’s strong populations of Africa’s ‘Marine Big 5’ – whale sharks, manta rays, sea turtles, reef sharks and hammerhead sharks. Mozambique also boasts some of the best diving in the world, vibrant coral reefs, miles of untouched white sandy beaches, and clear blue water.

Our Marine Conservation Projects

Join world-class researchers in a spectacular diving location. Volunteers contribute to research supporting the conservation of whale sharks, manta rays and turtles and also work to preserve and repair the marine environment, focusing on activities in mangroves and the local estuary. All marine volunteers will become PADI certified and get involved with the local communities and fishing villages.

From £1,895

2 - 12 weeks

A unique opportunity to witness an incredible ocean migration in a stunning location. Tofo is one of the main areas of humpback whale breeding and calving, and the waters around the beach become home to these animals as they migrate north. Volunteers gather data on population numbers, individual animal identification, pod structure and behaviour studies, to support international humpback whale conservation

From £1,895

2 - 8 weeks

Responsible marine volunteering in Africa

The key to restoring the planet’s marine ecosystems is a combination of physical ocean conservation, combined with community engagement and understanding. One of the markers of a good marine conservation project has to be their relationship and work with the local community; another must be that the work volunteers are doing contributes to long term conservation principles.

We have strict policies in place regarding the marine conservation projects we support., and our volunteers can be sure their contribution is supporting genuine conservation work, being done for the good of Africa’s marine wildlife.

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Why marine conservation?

Over-fishing, poaching, pollution from cruise ships, plastic waste, and coral reef destruction are the main issues facing global marine wildlife, with estimates that 25% of all coral reefs worldwide are damaged beyond repair. Marine volunteers at our projects can be confident they are contributing to long term marine research projects, whilst having the exciting opportunity to observe magnificent ocean giants at close quarters, and dive in some of the world’s most incredible sites.

A unique volunteering experience

Marine volunteering allows citizen scientists the opportunity to combine incredible diving and snorkelling with genuine conservation work. Our marine projects are based in rich waters, home to large populations of threatened ocean giants, and a huge diversity of smaller marine creatures. Volunteers will gain a deep understanding of the human threats to the underwater environment, learn about what they can do to drive change, and assist with on-the-ground research projects.

Our vision for marine conservation

Our vision is for an Africa where humans and coastal wildlife can thrive peacefully side by side. The inputs to achieving this vision are threefold: the long term protection and wellbeing of marine creatures, the conservation of underwater ecosystems, and the education and upliftment of communities. Volunteer tourism, when used in a responsible way, has a critical role to play in achieving these goals, and our volunteers will see the positive impact their journey is making.

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