Big 5 Wildlife Conservation Project in Zimbabwe – update

Wildlife Conservation Volunteering: Making a Difference in Zimbabwe’s National Parks

Are you passionate about wildlife conservation volunteering and eager to make a meaningful impact? Look no further than the Big 5 Wildlife Conservation Project in Zimbabwe. With unique and privileged access to volunteer in two of Zimbabwe’s most remote and unspoilt national parks, there’s never been a better time to join the effort to protect Africa’s wildlife.

The Big 5 Wildlife Conservation Project in Zimbabwe is at the forefront of Zimbabwe’s wildlife conservation efforts, working across the Zambezi and Kazuma Pan National Parks, as well as the newly established Woodlands Community Conservancy. This expansion into Woodlands in 2024 marks a crucial step forward in safeguarding Zimbabwe’s rich biodiversity.

Here’s a glimpse into the rewarding experiences awaiting wildlife conservation volunteers:


  • Watching huge elephant herds gather around waterholes.
  • The chance to observe and monitor the critically endangered African Wild Dog, plus lions, leopards, cheetah and buffalo.
  • Take part in 24-hour full moon game counts – one of the highlights of the project!
  • Experience some of Africa’s most remote and unspoilt wilderness areas and know that you are contributing to their conservation.
  • Work on vital restoration projects including maintenance of water points, roads and riverbanks.
  • Camp out under the night skies in this off-the-beaten-track adventure.
Wildlife conservation project in Zimbabwe giraffes and wild dogs

Wildlife Conservation Project in the Zambezi National Park, Victoria Falls

Situated on the fringes of Victoria Falls, the Zambezi National Park teems with a diverse array of wildlife, including four of Africa’s Big 5 game (lions, elephants, buffalos and leopards). Wildlife conservation volunteers have played a key role in revitalising the park by providing new water sources, and enticing wildlife back to their natural habitat. The return of animal populations is a major success story. You will enjoy amazing wildlife sitings and get off the beaten track, as you camp and help restore this pristine wilderness area.

Wildlife Conservation Volunteering in the Kazuma Pan National Park, Victoria Falls

In 2023 the Trust expanded its operations into the Kazuma Pan National Park, a 15,000-hectare conservation area home to lions, elephants, buffalos and leopards, plus cheetahs and African wild dogs. The work here also focuses on water security, environmental restoration, anti-poaching and wildlife monitoring.

NEW! Wildlife Conservation Project in the Woodlands Community Conservancy, Victoria Falls

In 2024 the Trust began operations within the Woodlands Community Conservancy. This offers a unique opportunity to create a continuous wildlife corridor connecting the two National Parks. For the first time in decades, animals can have safe passage between each of the three areas. The project is starting from scratch in Woodlands to create and maintain this safe wildlife corridor – to reduce poaching, stop illegal hunting and better manage the land.

The Woodlands Conservancy and Kazuma Pan National Park both require significant work in order they serve their purpose of being safe havens for wildlife. This is where wildlife conservation volunteers can shine!

wildlife conservation volunteers in zimbabwe using telemetry and watching elephants

Wildlife Conservation Volunteer Activities:

In each wildlife area, volunteers monitor animal movements, record the location of specific animals and herds, and look at the structure of known groups of elephants. North Western Zimbabwe has one of Africa’s largest elephant populations (around 100,000 animals) and they can be very destructive in their constant search for food and water.

  • Conduct research on predator populations, including endangered species like the African Wild Dog and Cheetah.
  • Monitor elephant movements and herds, recording vital data on their behavior and impact on the ecosystem.
  • Participate in night drive predator surveys and foot patrols.
  • Engaging in infrastructure maintenance, including repairing water points crucial for animal survival during the dry season.
  • Contributing to environmental management efforts, such as tree planting and invasive species removal.

On this wildlife conservation project in Zimbabwe, your days will be incredibly varied, as is life out in the bush. While wildlife conservation volunteer activities can include long hours and early starts, it is a rewarding and enriching experience like no other.

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