Volunteering in Africa: the adventure you’ve been looking for-2!

Following on from part 1 of our favourite volunteering photos, here are a few more that will have you booking tickets to join us in no time!

GA-african children


Beware, when you volunteer to work with local ECD nursery school children at our Community Outreach Programme in Victoria Falls, they will definitely make themselves comfortable in your heart. This is often a facet of the travel experience that one overlooks – and more so it is the chapter of the journey that is truly remarkable. A wonderful experience and a real lesson in simple joy and appreciation.

WW-group of rhinos at sunset

Rhino poaching has increased ten-fold in the last decade and all types of rhino now face extinction in our lifetime. The Waterberg region of South Africa is home to strong populations of white rhino, and participants on our Wildlife Warriors Anti-Poaching Course gain an in-depth understanding of conservation challenges and strategies, with the goal of raising awareness of rhino conservation. Watching a group of white rhino grazing at sunset is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We want to make certain our children’s children are able to enjoy the same moment in the future.

HWA-two volunteers watching elephants at a waterhole

There is more happening here than just observation. On our Big 5 Conservation Programme in Zimbabwe, volunteers have a direct impact on the lives of these beasts. They monitor elephant herds, and do waterhole, game and bird counts – an essential task to monitor the health of each in the region. Hwange National Park is home to one of the largest concentrations of elephants in Africa, and volunteers are often counted on in the provision of water for the game, especially during dry winter months.

HWA-kazuma pan Zimbabwe

Not your average safari… when volunteers join the Big 5 Conservation Programme, they are involved in the operation of the park – no longer mere observers, but a vital part of the team. They regularly drive out to one of the 50 remote pans to count game, check water levels and fulfil any maintenance requirements. This aerial shot of the Kazuma Pan in Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe is just a little teaser of what you can expect. Much needed perspective we feel.

MHS-horses walking along the beach in Mozambique

How does a horse safari coupled with a working holiday sound? This is the view that awaits volunteers who assist with the daily care of rescued horses in  Vilanculos. These beauties were rescued from Zimbabwe and brought to Mozambique a decade ago, and are now cared for at the family-run stables and riding school.

WW-tracking in the bush

One of our favourite activities on the Anti-Poaching Course is a patrol through the bush in the cool of the morning. This is so much more than just a guided walk, as you are actually supporting anti–poaching measures.  Lessons on the relationship between animals and plants are shared in hushed tones as the African sun peaks over the horizon. This is where you learn about identifying and tracking big game, in this case, focused on rhino monitoring. Volunteers also learn to spot the signs of poaching and illegal activity, later joining anti-poaching rangers on patrol.

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If your mind is wandering into the African wilderness, our advice is to let your feet follow. Here at Conservation Travel Africa we cater to adventurers – new and experienced, families, philanthropists and those looking for something a little different from their holiday. Who knows, maybe the next face we post will be yours! 

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