A volunteers review of our Wildlife Warriors Anti-Poaching course

“I had a fantastic time on the Wildlife Warriors Anti-Poaching Course and I really want to thank you all for this opportunity.  I am very happy and satisfied with everything, and will spread the word about both Conservation Travel Africa and Les!”

Read on for Fabio’s review of our Wildlife Warriors Anti-Poaching course!

“Everything was organised so smoothly and someone from Conservation Travel Africa were always on hand to answer any questions and doubts. In the field, Les was a great host, a fantastic teacher and an amazing entertainer!”

We asked Fabio a few questions about the project:

Would you recommend this programme to a friend?

Absolutely yes.

Please rate the following from 1 to 10 – 1 being very poor, 10 being excellent:

Your overall volunteer experience      9
Programme Administration                 10
Living Situation                                     9
Impact on wildlife and communities   8
Health and Safety                                 10
Social Life                                              9
Cost Value                                             9

Why did you decide to join this project? 

“Because I wanted to be part of the effort to protect wildlife.”

Accommodation and Food

“The food on the course was fantastic, especially given it was all cooked over a fire in the bush! Les is a great cook and easily accommodated my need for vegetarian food, serving delicious and nutritious meals every day.”

What activity did you enjoy the most?

“Walking in the bush with the other members of the anti-poaching team was a unique and eye-opening experience, and gave me the opportunity to appreciate how much I have been taught in just few days.”

What was your most memorable experience?

“Coming very close to a journey of giraffes, while we were sitting quietly under a tree.”

Tell us about your experience with the project staff and other volunteers.

“Les Brett is a walking encyclopaedia, and his informal style helped us to remember so many details, thanks to his jokes and funny stories. I also had a great experience with the other volunteer who was with me.”

Do you have any advice for future participants?

“Take any opportunity to become involved, even if some things or little creatures might scare you – do not let this opportunity pass by!

I hope to have again the chance to travel with you soon! Thank you again!”

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