What is orphan season in Malawi?

Sadly, with the coming of the much needed rains in Malawi, the Malawi wildlife sanctuary project sees an influx of small animal orphans. 2019 is proving to be no exception, and sanctuary volunteers and vet interns are desperately needed to support the local staff.

The Malawi Wildlife Sanctuary is Malawi’s top sanctuary, working tirelessly 365 days a year to give rescued wildlife the best chance of survival, rehabilitation and release.

With the rains, comes new life, as most wild animals tend to give birth during the wet season. Unfortunately, babies and new mothers are the most vulnerable victims of the human-wildlife conflict, illegal pet trade and shrinking habitats. The most common animals affected by ‘orphan season’ are baboons and monkeys, but the sanctuary have also taken in baby duikers (small antelopes), owls and eagles this September and October.

The sanctuary is in demand from across the whole country, and new arrivals and calls for help are always a regular occurrence – but in orphan season the calls come in daily.

Volunteers during orphan season have their work cut out to provide the round-the-clock care to these tiny animals. It is exhausting but very rewarding work for any volunteer passionate about animal care. As soon as possible, orphans are integrated with the sanctuary’s other primates or similar animals to give them the best chance of survival when they are returned to the wild. How long they stay at the sanctuary will depend on how young they, the extent of any injuries and how traumatised they are by their experience. It is a sad but very necessary job.

Here are some pictures of the sanctuary’s recent orphans, some will find foster mothers, and they will all have new brothers and sisters! The video shows orphaned baboon, Polly, being introduced to her new foster family – mum, Ivy and her foster daughter, Rogue.

All volunteers joining the sanctuary in November 2019 for 2 or 3 weeks, will save 20% on their booking fee! Pricing for the project is as follows:

2 weeks: £1,370 (November bookings: £1,096, save £274!)
3 weeks: £1,775 (November bookings: £1,420, save £355!)
4 weeks: £2,235
5 weeks: £2,575
6 weeks: £2,885
8 weeks: £3,450
10 weeks: £3,930
12 weeks: £4,350

All prices are in GBP.
Off day transfers are an additional £35.

Prices are valid for projects of any duration, starting from 1st – 30th November 2019. For terms and conditions**, please see below.

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If you’d like to help in orphan season, join our wildlife sanctuary programme in Malawi in November and you will save 20% on bookings! For more details of the project, please click on the link below. If you have any questions or you’d like to book a place, please get in touch!

** Special offer terms and conditions:

  • Special offer applies to bookings made on or after 22nd October 2019, for projects with a start date between Tuesday 5th November – Tuesday 26th November 2019;
  • The discount cannot be combined with any other promotional offer or discount;
  • Offer applies to Malawi Wildlife Sanctuary Programme bookings only.