Rhino & Elephant Project volunteers reflect on their time in Zimbabwe!

Nothing gives you an idea of what its like on a project than reading about volunteers’ experiences. This week we’re focusing on our Rhino & Elephant Conservation Programme in Zimbabwe.

Have a read of testimonials from our Rhino & Elephant Project volunteers and enjoy their photos and videos! For more information about the Rhino & Elephant Conservation volunteer programme, please click on the project link.

Lindsay, UK

“I never would have imagined that an eight week period could be so life changing. The project have such a wonderful, insightful and educated perspective on all aspects of nature, conservation and the wildlife within their care. It was eye-opening to witness first hand the lengths that they will go to, to preserve and protect all their beloved creatures. They aim to not only educate the volunteers, but the community and their staff also.

I am beyond privileged to have been part of this wonderful team. I cannot recommend the volunteer programme enough, and will to my utmost to inform my friends and family of this opportunity. I am so grateful for my time here and will certainly be returning soon.”

Matthew, UK

“I’m so grateful to have spent time with the staff and animals during such an exciting and important time in their lives. My overwhelming experiences – interacting with the elephant and rhino, hearing the programme coordinators’ fascinating stories – have reinforced my passion for conservation and have given me a newfound optimism that humans can successfully coexist with remarkable animals who need protection.”

Ebba, Sweden

“The opportunity to see all these wild animals and be a part of preserving them is just the best feeling. To stand eye to eye with an animal that wouldn’t even be here if it weren’t for this place really makes you appreciate them even more. To walk side by side with an elephant, to feed a rhino, to have a herd of zebra run along side your vehicle, to watch the sunset go down behind the mountains, what else needs to be said about this place? It will be the best thing you could ever do.”

Kristin, USA

“As I sit here to write this I’m looking at a beautiful black spider (not freaky in the least), my window wide open with humming nature in the background, softly over lit with a generator powered light and a quiet room to reflect in all that I’ve done in 7 full days of living life in Zimbabwe. I am full of love and hope. I see improvement in our future, a repair, a re-birth.

I feel blessed and grateful beyond measures, as my hair is still wet from a swim alone in the dam in the pouring rain. I hope it never dries, just so I can remember exactly what I am feeling in this moment – an undying THANK-YOU to the Shona people, to the animals and their will, the staff, the nature…… I’m only leaving because I know I WILL return.

Thank-you for all that every one of you do.”

Feeling inspired to get involved with rhino conservation in Zimbabwe? Take a look at the project page or request a project brochure

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