A day in the life of a Primate Conservation volunteer

What does being a Primate Conservation Volunteer entail? At the Primate Conservation Programme in Zimbabwe, your daily activities could include almost anything! From being a mum to wildlife orphans, raising baby monkeys, feeding zebra and building enrichment toys, only one thing is certain – you will never be bored! We’ve put together a compilation of images and videos that will definitely make you want to join the fun!

Animal feeding – a family affair!

Primate conservation volunteers are responsible for all food prep, assisting the staff in making and delivering meals to each of the wildlife sanctuary’s residents. Sometimes feeding is all smooth, and sometimes sharing just isn’t caring!

Behaviour enrichment

Enrichment activities could include bush walks with the orphaned baboons, stimulating them to explore their natural habitats, forage, jump and climb. The sanctuary also has a dedicated area for its handicapped monkeys, and volunteers are responsible for making new enrichment toys, platforms and playgrounds to keep them stimulated and behaving as naturally as possible.

As you’ll see – fun as a bush walk is, sometimes they just don’t want to walk!

Orphan care

Volunteers will work with sanctuary staff to nurture and raise orphaned wildlife, large and small, and get those that can be released ready for their relocation. You will also care for the permanent residents who cannot be released.

Release and post-release monitoring

Released animals are monitored carefully, and the release area patrolled for snares and to check the boundary is secure. Nothing is quite as humbling as releasing an animal who you have helped rescue and raise, and watching them begin their new life is a truly fulfilling feeling.

And at the end of the day, when it’s time for bed, help the sanctuary staff with all those difficult children that just want to be carried!

Watch this video to see more about what you could be doing when you volunteer in Zimbabwe!

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If you’d like to join our responsible wildlife sanctuary programme in Zimbabwe and meet all the unique resident animals, please click on the links below! If you have any questions or you’d like to book a place, please get in touch!


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