10 reasons to volunteer in Zimbabwe in 2019 – part 1

Our top reasons to volunteer in Zimbabwe

 Despite often being in the headlines for the wrong reasons, Zimbabwe has remained on the bucket list of canny travellers throughout the last two decades. The welcoming locals, abundant wildlife and unspoilt national parks make it a destination not to be missed.

Take the time to explore the multitude of World Heritage Sites (the country is the proud home to no less than five of these coveted sites), but also listen to the locals for tips on visiting the less well-known highlights and hidden secrets.

Our 10 reasons to travel or volunteer in Zimbabwe:

1. Undisturbed game viewing

Zimbabwe has some of the most breathtakingly beautiful, wild and remote game rich regions anywhere in Africa.

Zimbabwe has been off the agenda of many travel agents for many years, with a reluctance amongst tourists to support the country’s tumultuous political regime. However, adventurous tourists will find that Zimbabwe truly lives up to its name as one of Africa’s finest safari and wildlife destinations. You’ll never find masses of people or vehicles crowding around an animal siting – if you’re in the know, its definitely worth giving it a go.

Traveling with a Conservation Travel Africa team who are immersed in Zimbabwe’s wildlife industry, means that you’ll achieve your dream safari holiday, whether your interests are conservation, safaris, tours, adrenalin activities, or a once-in-a-lifetime family adventure.

Yet to be rediscovered by the masses, the safari scene is unparalleled, the natural environment is varied and beautiful, and the welcome you will receive wherever you go is second to none.

2. Prolific wildlife

From the vast wilderness of Hwange National Park to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Mana Pools (surely one of the most magical places on earth), and the world-famous Victoria Falls National Park, every single one of Zimbabwe’s National Parks are simply world class.

The wildlife doesn’t need to be sought out – whether its hippo, hyena and (sometimes disconcertingly) lions walking through your campsite on the banks of the Zambezi River, being surrounded by elephants at one of Hwange’s waterholes or watching a wild dog den in the Save Valley, spotting wildlife is definitely not a problem.

3. The people

Home to some of the most welcoming, resilient and long-suffering people in the world, Zimbabwean hospitality is incomparable.

Friendly service is something that comes naturally in this part of Africa, and whether you stay in a 5 star lodge, or a national parks campsite, the people are respectful and kind, willing to share their lives with you. For solo travellers, and especially solo lady travellers, the Zimbabwe experience is like no other, and we don’t hesitate to encourage travellers of all ages to visit.

There is a reason why visitors consistently talk about the friendliness and warmth of Zimbabwe’s people, and it is a testament to them, considering the lengths they have gone to simply survive.

5. Knowledgable guides

The Zimbabwe Guides Licence is renowned for being the most difficult and intensive wildlife guiding certification in Africa, and the vast amount of knowledge and experience which guides hold is incredible.

Guides who are able to take guests on guided walks and canoe safaris have to cover extra material and take additional exams to qualify. The training process for professional guides is usually at least three years, and requires an apprenticeship to be served under an approved guiding outfitter or safari company.

Renewed interest in Zimbabwe as a safari destination is fuelled in part by the superior expertise of the country’s professional guides, and their training in all aspects of wildlife, guiding behaviour, hospitality, photography, eco-tourism, bush lore and tracking.

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Why you should volunteer in Zimbabwe with Conservation Travel Africa

Our foundations are in Zimbabwe and our business was born from a passion inspired by our experiences here. We have the local contacts to customise an itinerary for almost every budget, and can deliver a tailor-made adventure which can include community engagement, volunteering, cultural trips and iconic wildlife experiences.

At CTA, we have a motto stemming from the Zimbabwean ‘makeaplan’ spirit: “Just ask, we can do pretty much anything”. To nowhere does this apply more than travels in Zimbabwe.

We say, when it comes to volunteering, or just visiting Zimbabwe in 2019, be the pioneers of rediscovery, visit before the floodgates inevitably re-open, and have a wild, remote and authentic travel experience. 

Be open to every experience – Zimbabwe is 2019’s destination.

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