Programmes for Mature Volunteers

Responsible volunteering in Africa

Volunteering in Africa is definitely something we recommend for older volunteers, and we have a wide range of programmes for mature travellers. No longer is volunteering the preserve of students on a gap year, it is a structured and exciting way for anyone to experience Africa in a more immersive way than a traditional safari holiday.

The vast majority of our programmes are very suited to mature volunteers, and welcome people of diverse ages, backgrounds and nationalities – we find it is often the older volunteers who have the greatest impact and get more satisfaction and fulfilment out of their work.

Whether you are a recent empty-nester, taking a career break, or have just retired but aren’t ready to slow down, there are definitely places where you can do amazing, bucket-list things you’ve previously only dreamed about, with opportunities to share your time, knowledge and experience with others.

Volunteer projects popular with mature volunteers

Join a unique conservation programme, dedicated to the protection of the black rhino. Play a vital role in securing the future of these iconic animals.

From $900

1 - 12 weeks

Support conservation work to protect endangered species in South Africa. Monitor priority species including lion, leopard, cheetah, rhino and wild dog.

From $1,450

2 - 12 weeks

Combine horse riding safaris, anti-poaching patrols and horseback game counts, with hands-on volunteer work with black rhinos and elephants.

From $1,305

1 - 2 weeks

Volunteer as a Field Assistant in two of Zimbabwe’s most magnificent National Parks. A unique volunteer opportunity on a true wilderness experience.

From $1,695

2 weeks

Our 6-week nature enthusiast course is for those who want a more in-depth wildlife experience, gaining a deep understanding and appreciation for Africa’s natural environment.


6 weeks

Gain practical experience in advanced anti-poaching techniques, learning from South Africa’s most experienced conservation professionals.

From $1,395

7 - 14 days

Combine rhino conservation with primate rehabilitation in Zimbabwe. Experience life on a private conservancy and work in a sanctuary focused on small animal care.

From $1,740

2 - 16 weeks

Volunteer in Victoria Falls and support grass-roots community action. Build strong communities through livelihood development and education projects.

From $850

1 - 12 weeks

Participate in delivering solutions to the human-elephant conflict in Namibia. Monitor populations of the rare desert elephant and support rural communities.

From £895

2 - 12 weeks

Volunteer at Zimbabwe’s only dedicated primate rehabilitation centre. Gain animal care experience and assist in wildlife rehabilitation and release.

From $840

1 - 12 weeks

Witness an incredible ocean migration in a stunning location. Assist researchers with data collection to support international whale conservation.

From £1,995

2 - 12 weeks

Combine work experience with rhinos and elephants on a private conservancy, with community outreach work in rural communities outside Victoria Falls.

From $1,750

2 - 10 weeks

Responsible mature volunteering in Africa​

There are hundreds of wildlife volunteer projects in Africa, unfortunately not all of them completely ethical. When choosing a responsible wildlife volunteer project, the welfare of the animals must be the project’s number one priority, and their volunteers must make a tangible, positive impact on the environment, wildlife and local communities.

We have strict policies in place regarding the wildlife conservation projects we support, and our volunteers can be sure their contribution is supporting genuine conservation work, being done for the good of Africa’s wildlife.

We are the ethical travel Africa specialists

Ethical volunteering in Africa

Africa’s iconic wildlife is in serious decline, and the continent is home to several key species facing imminent extinction. Rhino populations are down 85% and even the once-prolific African elephant is now considered to be a vulnerable species. Wildlife volunteers joining our projects will contribute to important conservation work being done to secure the future of threatened animals, and can be sure that the projects we support are doing genuine conservation work.

Group of volunteers of all ages
Mature volunteer standing in front of elephants

A unique travel experience

Volunteering is a safe way to experience Africa in much more depth than taking a traditional holiday. The experience enables volunteers to understand and appreciate the work being done to protect the planet’s wildlife; to meet and join the communities working alongside conservationists, and encourage the exchange of life experiences and skills between different cultures. You will have unforgettable animal encounters, knowing that you are making an important contribution to their future.

Our vision for volunteers in Africa

Our vision is for an Africa where humans and wildlife can thrive peacefully side by side. The inputs to achieving this vision are threefold: the long term protection and wellbeing of animals, the conservation of ecosystems, and the education and upliftment of communities. Volunteer tourism, when used in a responsible way, has a critical role to play in achieving these goals.

Mature volunteer with group of African women

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