A new baby rhino in Zimbabwe!

In June we were delighted to hear about the birth of a new baby white rhino calf at our Rhino & Elephant Programme in Zimbabwe. There are fewer than 400 white rhinos in Zimbabwe, so every new birth is a cause for great celebration!

Baby white rhino and mother

To celebrate the new arrival, we are offering a 10% discount for volunteers booking this programme throughout July. You can travel any time in the next 12 months and take advantage of our flexible booking terms and current cancellation policy as well*!

Rhino Raffle – your chance to name the new arrival!

The new rhino doesn’t have a name at the moment, and the project are running a competition for their supporters to choose a name for the little lady. Simply make a donation to their Anti-Poaching Unit through their JustGiving page (fully tax deductible for UK tax-payers) and write your choice of name for the rhino in the comments section! The winning name will be drawn at random on 17th July 2020.

Take a look at some videos of the very cute new arrival!

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Rhino & Elephant Conservation Programme, Zimbabwe

Volunteers in Zimbabwe will usually get involved in some or all of the following activities:

  • Learn about rhino conservation from experienced local guides, and what the reserve is doing to support the species in Zimbabwe;
  • Learn to track and locate rhino using telemetry;
  • Collect observational data on rhino and elephant behaviour, health, movements, interactions and browsing activities;
  • Provide additional manpower for foot patrols and snare sweeps;
  • Secure, repair and check boundary fences;
  • Get a sneak peek into the behind-the-scenes operation of a large conservation area;
  • Deliver feed and nutritional supplements to sable, zebra, buffalo and other plains game;
  • Undertake game counts and herd studies on foot, by vehicle and on horseback;
  • Carry out indigenous tree planting, and invasive and alien species removal;
  • Get involved with organic gardening, tree planting and beekeeping.

Project fees: From $900 per week (discounted to $810 per week for bookings made in July!)

For more details about our project at Imire, please visit our Rhino & Elephant Conservation Programme page.

family friendly volunteer project** Family-friendly volunteering!


rhino and elephant volunteer programme   Program for family volunteers

* Special offer terms and conditions:

  • This 10% discount cannot be combined with any other promotional offer or discount;
  • Special offer applies to bookings for the Rhino & Elephant Conservation Programme made during the month of July 2020, for travel within the next 12 months;

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